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 About me

History, architecture, culture, humanity…all inspire me. We are all here in this existence for a brief moment in time. We all need to slow down and enjoy the fleeting moments that we tend to overlook. There is much beauty around us that in our busy and focused lives we don’t see.

My photographs capture the pure emotion of humanity, the beauty of the urban environment around us, and the power of nature inevitably reclaiming what was once hers. I strive to show the contrast between the fragile beauty of human beings and the harsh edges of the urban environment and industrial decay. My goal is to capture these moments of transition that would be forever lost.

My photographic journey began with an Asahi Pentax 35mm film camera and a black and white darkroom. This traditional film foundation has heavily influenced my digital process. My desire is to capture those fleeting moments without undue influence. Textures, contrasts, geometry, and light are all key components for my inspiration.

I lean toward a street photography mentality – capturing images and emotions in that passing split second. My creative process starts with an emotional response and will manifest itself as grasp my camera and click. My foundation in traditional film instilled a philosophy of minimal photo-retouching. My purist nature guides me to share my perspective of an event or location as true to that moment in time without extensive editing.

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